Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with SABSCO? What payout options are available? Here are some of the frequently asked questions you may have about cashing out your structured settlement annuity.


Why would I sell or restructure my settlement payments? 

Life circumstances, such as the birth of a child, unplanned medical expenses, or job loss—or opportunities such as education, debt reduction or buying a home—can change your financial needs. You may need to access your settlement money sooner than payments are scheduled to arrive.


Why should i call Symetra? 

SABSCO is an affiliate of Symetra Life Insurance Company, the insurer that services your future payments. Working with SABSCO lets you stay with a company you know and trust. We already have your paperwork, so there is a lot less work for you. Symetra has served customers fairly and responsibly for more than 50 years.


What makes SABSCO different? 

SABSCO is part of a larger, diversified financial services company with more than 50 years of experience serving customers nationwide. We are committed to customer advocacy, fair treatment and competitive pricing. Our high-touch consultants will work closely with you to assess your situation, sell only what you need, and guide you through the process every step of the way.


What are my payment options? 

SABSCO provides a variety of payment options. You can receive the current cash value of your payment stream all at once, or we can restructure your payment stream to better match your current needs. Your SABSCO consultant can help you find the best solution for your situation.


Will I have to return to court?

All payment sales or restructures require court approval, which may or may not include an appearance before a judge. Rules vary by state and local jurisdiction. SABSCO is experienced in this process, with a very high percentage of approvals on cases brought to court.


Is SABSCO's pricing competitive? 

All annuity sales are unique. However, since your annuity payments already reside with Symetra, we can often provide a better purchase price than other companies—with less hassle and paperwork for you. As a life insurance-affiliated company, we’re especially competitive with life-contingent annuities. Our underwriting process helps us get to know you and your needs, so we can quote some of the best life-contingent prices in the industry.


Can I get an advance on the purchase price? 

You may be able to receive an advance on your purchase price prior to court approval. Call a helpful SABSCO consultant at 1-800-427-1304 to learn more.​​​​​​