Risk Representation:
Removing obstacles and revealing opportunities

Don’t let client fears knock retirement planning off track

Symetra’s Risk Representation approach helps you set a foundation for retirement planning at the intersection of logic and emotion.

Explore your clients’ concerns about the real and perceived threats to their retirement savings and uncover potential solutions to help them achieve their goals.

Our resources explore:

• Market cycles and how they affect portfolio outcomes.

• Potential solutions that may help reduce overall risk in portfolios.

• How to keep clients focused on their investing goals at any stage of life.

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Risk Representation Insights

Investment risks come at you and your clients from all directions. Symetra’s Retirement Division can help you identify risks that could threaten retirement portfolios and uncover potential solutions.


Distribution Risk

Outliving assets is a key investment concern when planning for retirement. Do your clients understand the effect market volatility can have on their portfolios and how long their money could last?

Retirement success isn't just when—it's also how (PDF)


Fixed Income Risk

Clients have expected fixed income investments to be risk mitigators in their portfolios for decades. But the current bond market may make them question that approach. Help them understand potential ways to counter rising rates and lower yields.

How rising rates put bond values at risk (PDF)


Equity Risk

The traditional 60/40 portfolio may no longer be the best way for clients to generate the growth they’ll need for retirements that could last 30 years. Show them why staying invested in all market cycles can help them achieve retirement security.

Help protect clients from inflation uncertainty (PDF)


Introducing Risk Representation

Are your clients their own worst enemies when it comes to sticking to investment plans? Learn about conversations you can have to help them stay focused on goals, not fears.

Risk Representation Brochure (PDF)

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