Risk Representation:
Removing obstacles and revealing opportunities


Start the conversation about risks in retirement

Symetra’s Risk Representation program helps set a foundation for retirement planning at the intersection of logic and emotion. We’ll provide tools and strategies to help:

• Challenge behavioral barriers in the retirement conversation.

• Address risks that prevent clients from maximizing objectives and capitalizing on opportunities.

• Highlight options clients may want to consider as they plan for for their futures.

Your Risk Representation journey begins here

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How rising interest rates put bond values at risk

Your clients may consider bonds a “safe harbor” in times of uncertainty. But the reality is that bonds are subject to the risk of loss as well due to a number of factors, including the rise or fall in interest rates. Help clients understand interest rate risks (PDF) in fixed income investing and potential solutions to address those risks in their portfolios.

Will inflation affect your clients’ retirement goals?

Inflation is back, with living costs on the rise in a way not seen since the 1980s. Clients may be feeling the pinch now, but it’s important to consider what the role of inflation on their retirement investments might be in the future. Look at ways to address the loss of purchasing power and options to help generate increased income over the course of retirement (PDF).

The Great Resignation: Don’t leave assets behind

The Great Resignation mindset has opened new directions for people in all stages of their working lives. For clients (or their family members) who have taken the leap, strong ties may linger with former employers—and none might be stronger than a 401(k) that’s been left in an employer plan. What opportunities are clients missing out on if they neglect this asset? (PDF)

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On Nasdaq’s “TradeTalks” program, Symetra’s Andrew Farrell, SVP of retirement sales, distribution and marketing, shared tips that can help you start the conversation about risk in retirement.

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