Risk Representation:
Removing obstacles and revealing opportunities

Helping clients protect what they’ve earned shouldn’t be a risky proposition

Symetra’s Risk Representation program helps you set a foundation for retirement planning at the intersection of logic and emotion.

Explore your clients’ concerns about the real and perceived threats to their retirement savings and uncover potential solutions to help them achieve their goals. Our resources can help you:

• Turn emotions toward understanding market cycles and how they affect portfolio outcomes.

• Investigate potential solutions that may guarantee income for retirement and help reduce the overall risk in the portfolio.

• Keep clients focused on their investing goals at any stage of life.

Here are some helpful resources:

How rising interest rates put bond values at risk

Clients may consider bonds a “safe harbor” in times of uncertainty, but bonds are subject to the risk of loss due to a number of factors, including rising interest rates. Help clients explore alternative solutions to fixed income that may guarantee income for retirement and help reduce the overall risk in a portfolio.

Rising rates can boost retiree risk (PDF)

Will inflation affect your clients’ retirement goals?

Clients are probably well aware of the inflation they see every day. But that focus may not have turned toward the risk future inflation could have on their retirement portfolios. Consider these opportunities to help clients protect their future purchasing power.

Help protect clients from inflation uncertainty (PDF)

Protect retirement assets from the damage of market volatility

Explore the unpredictability of distribution risk and the devastating affect it can have on clients that haven't considered this threat to retirement savings.

Retirement success isn't just when—it's also how (PDF)

The Great Resignation: Don’t leave assets behind

Whether clients participated in The Great Resignation or not, they may still have strong connections to former employers through 401(k)s or other retirement plans they’ve left behind. Help them think about the choices they may have to keep that money in motion and stay on track toward their retirement savings goals.

The Great Resignation: Money in Motion (PDF)

Your Risk Representation journey begins here

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